Renée Austin

Lighting Design Consultant

Certified Lighting Consultant Renée Austin brings her love of architectural design to every project ensuring every detail of each lighting plan is impeccable and on point. Renee’s 35 years of lighting design experience, coupled with her passion for architectural lighting, give her comprehensive knowledge that is unparalleled and has made her an integral member of the architectural lighting community where she partners with homeowners and designers to develop both recessed and decorative lighting plans and manage projects. A graduate of Salem State College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Renee began her lighting career mastering the technical aspects at the same small, family-owned lighting store where Lucy began. There, Renee designed lighting plans for commercial properties including parking lots and gymnasiums before easily transitioning to designing architecturally interesting and visually pleasing lighting plans for stunning properties throughout the area when she joined Lucy at the opening of Lucia Lighting & Design in 2005.  

What was your first job in lighting design?

Sales Manager at a small, family-owned lighting company that has since closed—it’s where I met Lucy!

What makes you unique in this profession?  

I make a point to really listen to my clients and to make each project unique and special. My goals are for the lighting to be architecturally impeccable and aesthetically pleasing.

What are you currently obsessed with?

Tech Lighting dim to warm recessed LED because it feels organic, like the sun, or the old-fashioned halogen lightbulb – bright and cheery at full bright like a soft sunset glow when dimmed. It’s appropriate for all the activities in a space from enjoying cozy romantic dinners to baking holiday cookies with the grandkids in the middle of a dark, dreary winter afternoon.

What makes Lucia Lighting & Design different than the competition?  

We’re invested in the success of your project. We provide you with all the information you need to make the best decisions for your specific project and then we partner with your contractor to ensure the best results possible.

What advice would you give to a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars?  

Designing at Lucia is challenging, but rewarding, because lighting is fun!

Finish this sentence.  

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me... out on my little sailboat enjoying a quiet sail through Salem Sound admiring the architecture of the beautiful estates that dot the coast.