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Lucía Lighting & Design is devoted to providing exceptional service and relevant expertise to each of our valued clients. We are also committed to making the world a brighter place through acts of kindness, generosity, and high spirits.

“I met Lucy 15 years ago and three houses in Massachusetts and Florida later, she is still my go-to person for lighting! Her guidance, expertise, and designs are so spot on that she makes our total renovations a lot easier. Thanks to Lucy, my homes are so perfectly lighted that they are wonderfully inviting spaces I really enjoy. I never knew how much of a difference lighting could make until she taught me!”
K. Hunt, Florida



Our Certified Lighting Specialists welcome architects to Lucía Lighting & Design to discover the latest and greatest in cutting edge technologies. Learn about the newest developments in LED, feel confident in specifying the right products for your projects, and bring your clients in to select architectural and decorative lighting. It’s one-stop shopping for your residential projects!


Your clients are in good hands at Lucía Lighting & Design. You can feel confident that when you refer clients to our team, we’ll deliver exceptional service. Our knowledgeable and friendly Certified Lighting Specialists are eager to work with your clients. And when it comes to delivery, you’ll love Lucía Lighting & Design!

We offer lighting design services and will project manage the lighting and controls portions of your projects. 

We can warehouse partial or complete orders until you’re ready for delivery.

And we label every box with the room/location for each fixture, including light bulbs for ease of installation.

interior professionals

Savvy designers understand the benefits of working with Lucía Lighting & Design for inspiration, education, and visualization. Here you’ll discover the most extensive collection of lighting in New England, along with a team of Certified Lighting Specialists eager to share their expertise and passion. We are experts in interior and exterior lighting and can assist you in all your project needs. From lighting layouts to partnering with your builder or electrical contractor for installation, we can help streamline the lighting process. Let’s work together to bring function and style to your design projects.


We know building and renovating can be daunting. The Certified Lighting Specialists at Lucía Lighting & Design can help you with lighting plans, fixture selection, storage, and delivery to your job site. We’ll happily communicate with your contractor and electrician to ensure the lighting portion of your project is a success.