Local Artwork at lucia lighting & design

Tracy Finn, from Marblehead, Massachusetts, has been painting seaside landscapes and still life at her home studio overlooking Salem Harbor since 2008. Since 2009 her work has been selected for the Marblehead Festival of the Arts. You can view Tracy’s artwork at lucía lighting & design ~ and the displays are always changing!

3556 Summers End II, 4/20/10, 2:31 PM,  8C, 8452x6844 (521+3060), 150%, Custom,  1/25 s, R70.1, G40.6, B52.7

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We forget just how painfully dim the world was before electricity. A candle, a good candle, provides barely a hundredth of the illumination of a single 100 watt light bulb.

Bill Bryson