Halloween Light Bulb Spiders

Recycle one of your burned out bulbs to make fun decorations for Halloween! This light bulb spider is super easy to make. All it takes is wrapping some wire around the base of the bulb then bending it to form legs. Spray it black with primer and paint and you’ve got inexpensive, but awesome Halloween table decor!
What you’ll need:
  • 4 pieces of wire, cut 20″ long
  • light bulb
  • pliers
  • paint primer
  • black spray paint
  • fishing wire (optional)
  1. Wrap 1 piece of wire completely around the base of the light bulb until the wire forms an X. Twist the 2 ends as tightly and as close to the base as you can. Repeat for the remaining 3 legs.
  2. Next, use pliers to bend the legs into a ‘V’ shape. Bend at the halfway point of each leg then mold and shape as desired.
  3. Spray each spider with a good coat of primer and black paint. Allow it to dry then set on a table for display or hang using fishing wire.
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