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lucia lighting & designModern designs and lighting fixtures are all the rage right now.  The Gus* Modern Margot sofa combines with the artwork and lighting fixtures will create the look you need for your space.

  • This stunning stacked chandelier, can be moved to get the exact look you need.  A unique form that can be easily adjusted in the field for a customized look. Rotating arms turn around the center while the lights can be directed up, down or at any angle to meet your specific needs. The industrial look and feel of the design is enhanced by a brushed aluminum finish, or choose brushed brass or brushed black for modern sophistication.
  • Whether you think of gyroscopes, the atomic structure or da Vinci’s “L’Uomo Vitruviano,” this Kinetic fixture has deep roots in science, exemplified by brilliant edge-lit LED panels that broadcast 360-degrees of seamless, even light. Those rings are also adjustable for a personalized look.
  • The Margot Sofa epitomizes modern elegance with graceful arms, French-seam detailing, and loose, luxurious cushions that give a look which is both timeless and contemporary.


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