Dining Room Lighting

Dining Room Lighting & Home Furniture Accents

Once used only for holidays, today’s dining rooms are now multipurpose – a work zone for homework and crafts, as well as a gathering place for parties and meals. Dining rooms must include multiple lighting options that can go from functional to fashionable in the flick of a switch. Our line of home furniture and accent pieces can complete your dining space. Adding accent chairs, a side table, or art to your dining room can change the feel and look of the room.

lucía lighting & design Certified Lighting Specialists

Your dining room will seem dark if the only light source is a single chandelier. A chandelier that is bright enough to illuminate the room will be too bright for comfort when dining. Add some art lighting and wall sconces ~ voila! ~ a comfortable, happy dining room. The Certified Lighting Specialists at lucía lighting & design are ready to help you achieve a balance of illumination in your dining room with layers of light. Make an appointment today to meet with a specialist!


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