Jennifer Yamane

Jennifer Yamane graduated with a BA from Simmons College Prince Program in Retail Management.  She worked in retail for ten years at Bradlees then Filene’s before having children, and then thoroughly enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom for 21 years.  During that time she volunteered in many capacities at her children’s schools and activities.

Jen joined the lucia family in 2015 in customer service and found she really loved selling and helping clients transform their space with lighting.  Outside of work, Jen’s children keep her busy.  When not doing something outside such as yardwork or enjoying the water on a kayak, she enjoys helping run gymnastics meets during their competition season.

What do you love about lighting? I love how lighting can transform a room and I enjoy seeing a client get excited about their new space.

What is the best thing about working at lucia lighting? The best aspect about working here are my co-workers, they are like family.

What is your favorite lighting fixture? Swarovski Crystal Empire.

What is your favorite home accent or furniture piece at lucia?  My favorite home accents are all of the pillows – they can transform a dull space in to a warm inviting haven.

 What are five things you like? My three children, landscaping, kayaking, travel and sunsets.

What are five things you dislike? Snakes, Brussel sprouts, fake/rude people, humidity (bad hair day) and I can’t think of a 5th thing … I try not to dislike many things!

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