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Canoes Chandelier Reticello Chandelier Stratus Bowl Two-Part Pebble Murrini Bowl Canoes Chandelier in Private Residence, Kennebunkport, ME Prism Chandelier Faceted Pendants Fused Pebble Murrini Bowl Two-Part Reticello Bowl Reticello Sconce Murrini Bowl Two-Tone Carved Sconce

lucía lighting & design is proud to be the exclusive New England showroom featuring a stunning collection of custom blown glass chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, table lamps and sconces by local artists Paulo DeLima and Lisa Spinella of Studio Bel Vetro. The insanely talented team selected lucía lighting & design as its exclusive destination to showcase its artful glass collection of functional, elegant and beautiful lighting fixtures and lamps.

The lighting experts at lucía lighting & design have been specially trained to assist in the design of your custom-made lighting fixture or lamp. The artists can also be commissioned to create custom glass-blown sculptures, columns and installations.

Stop by the Studio Bel Vetro gallery at lucía lighting & design to get bright ideas of how you can have a custom blown glass lighting fixture to brighten your home, office and life.


Bubbles Chandelier Bubbles Chandelier Ornament Pendants Prism Chandelier Light Nest Chandelier Large Amphora Murrini Pendant in Private Residence, Beverly, MA Split Pod Table Lamp Spun Glass Table Lamp Reticello Table Lamp Pinstriped Table Lamp Two-part Reticello Bowl in Private Residence, Portland, ME Bubbles Chandelier in Private Residence, Beverly, MA Vine & Facet Chandelier in Private Residence, Manchester, MA Prism Chandelier in Venegas and Company, Boston Prism Chandelier in Venegas and Company, Boston Feathered Cane Table Lamp Seven-Layer Sconce

Carved Pendant

Split Pod Table Lamp

Seven-Layer Sconce